Hors D'oeuvres

1) Scallops wrapped in bacon and baked


2) Skewered marinated fresh mozzarella and prosciutto


3) Foccacia canapes topped with:(Pick One)

A) smoked duck and maple mustard

B)sliced grilled chicken with creole Remoulade

C) fresh mozzarella and oven-dried tomatoes


4) A selection of cheese, crackers and fresh fruit and/orvegetable crudites


5) Flour tortillas filled with (pick one)

a) prime rib and cheddar

b) spicy chicken and jack cheese

c) salsa and jack cheese6)


Skewered (pick One)

a)Santa Fe Chicken

b)Thai Beef

c) Coconut Chicken

7) Smoked Salmon Bruschetta with dill, sour cream and capers


8) Flat Bread Pizza


9) Kosher “Franks in a Blanket” served with Dijon mustard


10) Creole Crab Beignets with creole tartar sauce


11) Fried Won-tons filled with shrimp or scallops with a soy dipping sauce


13) Tartlettes(pick One)

a) Bacon and Gruyere Cheese

b) Ham, Mushroom, Tomato and Jack Cheese

c) Asparagus “gratin” with Hollandaise

d) Truffle Scented Wild Mushroom


14) Sesame Shrimp, Scallop OR Chicken Toasts


15) Filo Spanikopita


16) Spinach or Asiago Cheese Fritters


17) Shaved Roast Beef Canape with horseradish cream


18) Slow Roasted Tuna with fresh herbs and plum tomatoes on sliced baguette


19) New Potatoes Stuffed with :(Pick One)

a) cheddar cheese and Applewood smoked bacon

b) sour cream and chives

c) caviar and creme fraiche


20) Skewered Sweet or Chorizo Sausage with sweet peppers


21) Parmesan Cheese “Puffs”


22) Brie Cheese Crostini with Rosemary and Caramelized Onion


23) Wild Mushroom Crostini with Prosciutto Ham and Parmesan Cheese


24) Asparagus and Roquefort Crostini


25) Shrimp Egg-roll Wrap ($2.50 per piece)


26)Baked Oysters on the Half Shell with horseradish and bacon ($2.50 per piece)


27) Oyster and Spinach Mornay ($2.50 per piece)


28) Oyster on the Half Shell with ($2.50 per piece) a) cocktail sauce b) mignonette


29) Beer Battered Shrimp ($3.00 per piece)


30) Freshly Steamed Jumbo Shrimp ($2.50 per piece)


31) Shrimp and asian slaw with cilantro-peanut pesto on won ton cracke


r32) Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms with tomatoes, peppers, herbed bread crumbs and sun-dried tomato tapenade


33) Skewered Shrimp with avocado or mango


34) Crab or Lobster Salad on brioche($3.50 per piece)


35) Warm Stilton Cheese with mission figs on pumpernickel toast


We recommend that you select 6 hor’s d’oeuvrestypes so that guests will have a nice variety ofthings to choose from.-