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We would always encourage you to call or visit us so that we can speak to you personally about your wedding reception search. Conversation still seems to be the best way to start the information process. That aside, the basics are as follows:

  • We do one wedding per day. We never do multiple weddings.

  • The complete redecoration of our largest party room has been completed. We think that you will find it to be an absolutely beautiful, warm and inviting space. It's maximum is 110 guests.

  • You may start the reception any time you like, up to and including 4:00 p.m. and there is no reasonable time limit as to how long you may stay.

  • We serve the same food at receptions that we serve in our restaurant and at sit-down meals, we offer guests three choices of entrees from which they choose the day of the reception.

  • You do not need to pre-order.

  • Guests order their meal from a menu that is on the table when they sit down, the day of your party.

  • We take a very personalized approach to wedding planning,

  • We do not typically just drop a packet of information in the mail. We ask you some questions. You ask us some. We listen, You listen. We think together. Then we come up with a plan for your reception.

  • The wedding industry calls this plan "a package." We describe the plan thoroughly. You look it over. You change it in any way that you wish. We put a price on the plan that includes all the things that you will likely need.....and none of the things that you will likely not need. Then, we are partners. We will help you in any way that you can think of and....probably in many ways that you have never thought of.

  • We offer a variety of wedding packages, but our most popular package is exactly $175 per person. ($5.00 per person higher in December)

  • We want you to love your reception!


Ceremony Music Piano and Cello - Brian Gibson and Elyssa Gilmar
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Enjoy available ceremony music while you search for your perfect wedding package.
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